Zinger Sheet Metal fabricates and stocks many items commonly used in HVAC installations


90 Degree Elbows

Access Doors

Adjustable Elbows

Blast gates

Curb Adapters


Dust Collector Ducts

Exhaust Hoods

Filter Racks and Assemblies

Floor Sweeps

HETO’s (High efficiency takeoffs)

No Loss Stacks

Rain Caps

Rain Collars

Register boxes

Roof Flashings

Snap Lock Pipe

Turning Vanes

Welded roof curbs and curb adaptors


Blue Sticky Plastic (LEEDS Wrap)

Duct Board

Duct Liner

Duct Sealer

Hanger Strap

Insulation pins and glue

Round Spiral Duct Liner


Sealer Brushes

TDF Corners and hardware

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