About Us

Our Mission Statement

We value our customers.  They are the life force of our business.  We bring the values of our family to work, in order to better service our customers.  We observe the golden rule of proprietorship and treat each customer, supplier, and employee in the way we prefer to be treated and because our customers are loyal, they deserve our highest standards.

Our History

Zinger Sheet Metal is a third generation family owned company serving the HVAC industry since 1954.  Zinger Sheet Metal was started in a garage by Henry and Harold Zinger.  Under the ownership of Nelson Capestany the company has grown to a well stocked over 20,000 square foot facility equipped with state of the art machinery.  David Capestany, the grandson of Henry Zinger, has brought Zinger Sheet Metal to the forefront of the latest technology in the industry while maintaining the commitment to its original values of exceptional customer service, value, and workmanship.